Aquila has five core members and includes a full string quartet (2 violins, viola and cello) and a drummer. If these core players are not available for a performance we have a pool of excellent musicians who regularly play for Aquila and therefore quality will not be compromised.


If you are interested in booking Aquila here is some information you might like to have regarding our requirements. 


​Aquila requires a space of 3mx4m in which to perform. 


​The players must be fully sheltered from sun, wind, cold or rain.


The musicians require one armless chair for the cellist (the rest of the performers will stand, and the drummer will bring his own stool).

They require adequate lighting so they can be seen - they bring their own sconce lights to read their music. 

The musicians perform a maximum of 50 minutes in every hour, except when booked for only 1 hour. In a three-hour set, there will be one short and one longer break.


For performances over 3 hours, set/break times will be negotiated with the client.


Refreshments and light snacks are appreciated for performances of 2 hours or less. For bookings over 3 hours, a substantial meal is required for all musicians. Please request dietary requirements if necessary.

A ‘green-room’ or storage area is required for instrument cases and bags-this must be lockable.