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"The crowd absolutely loved the music, their performance was sensational"

Who we are

Unique music ensemble compromising of a String Quartet and Drummer.


We perform at any kind of event and are guaranteed to bring a unique upbeat vibe.


See us in action!

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Aquila is a classically trained, finely tuned string quartet band that features some of Perth’s most prestigious musicians – bonded by a passion for performance.

The members of Aquila have spent most of their lives refining their chops on the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart – only listening to and playing more contemporary music as a fan or as a hired gun, never truly exploring the potential of applying their passion to the greatest songs written this side of the millennia.

Aquila have set out, led by first violinist and arranger Rachael Aquilina, to bring about somewhat of a change to the commonly held perception of what a night out to see a string quartet might look, sound and feel like. If you're not sure what Daft Punk, Radiohead or Britney Spears would sound like played by two violins, a viola and a cello, you’re not alone... add one of Perth’s most respected drummers, Ben Vanderwal, and you’ve got something close to an idea of how cool some of the best songs from the last 50 years could sound – rethought and rearranged on instruments that have ruled popular music over the last 500 years.

Arrangements and reinterpretations of artists spanning from the Beatles to Gotye and from Metallica to Amy Winehouse, it would be fair to say no stone has been left unturned in building Aquila's ever-expanding repertoire of future classics – re-imagined for classical instruments.

Aquila understands the importance of creating the right atmosphere for all kinds of special events including weddings, corporate, balls, birthdays and more. Their performances strike the perfect balance between both background entertainment and spectacle, setting the stage for a successful event that leaves a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees alike.

For private functions such as weddings, anniversaries, or intimate gatherings, Aquila offers a personalised touch that transforms these events into magical moments. The quintet collaborates with clients to curate a playlist that reflects the unique essence of each celebration.

Aquila understands that each event is unique, and their commitment to excellence is reflected in their customisable packages. This can include the ensemble with or without drums, or even a combination of both. 

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