Aquila can provide contemporary entertainment as background music for many events such as corporate functions, birthday parties, wedding receptions, cocktail parties, Christmas parties, funerals and more.  


Aquila can also provide a high impact feature performance for events such as gala balls, fashion runways and business openings. Our performance can even be teamed with a professional singer for special occasions.  


Aquila loves working with couples to create the perfect soundtrack for their wedding day! We’re here to carefully help guide your music selections for the wedding ceremony right through to the reception and ensure your guests are having a great time! 


Aquila is anything but a standard quartet, we can fill a beer garden, bar or hotel with the sounds of any contemporary tunes that suit your venue. We might not have guitars – but we rock just as hard and certainly catch an eye or two!  


Are you an artist looking for a quartet to play on your record or after a backing string section to play live with you? Aquila are experienced session musicians and love working with other artists. Get in touch for more info.